Welcome to Flexmen XS

Flexmen XS is a very experienced personnel services provider who also helps employees from the E.U. to find work in the Netherlands. This may be in a variety of fields. Our clients in the technical and production industries are often looking for staff.

Working via Flexmen XS means you can count on a reliable employment agency. We are a member of the Federation of Private Employment Agencies (ABU), we meet the NEN 4400 standards and are monitored by the Dutch Labour Standards Foundation (SNA). Moreover, FlexmenTech XS is SCT (Safety Checklist for Temporary Employment Agencies) certified (VCU in the Netherlands). This offers assurance to both our clients and our employees.

If necessary we can also arrange housing and transportation. That depends on where you will work and under which conditions. We will discuss the options with you in detail before you start working.

It is extremely important that you possess valid identity papers and valid certificates where necessary.

Click here for an overview of our offices. You can contact your nearest office by telephone or email.

For information about official labour conditions in the Netherlands, click on the next link for the English translation of the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) for Employment Agencies 2012-2017.

See you soon!